Maximise your learning, and make Tai Chi & Qigong a practice for life

Over 25 Courses & 350+ lessons split into easy to understand categories

Concepts courses

These courses provide you with the information that will aid your physical and mental practices. Here you will learn the terms we use, the body methods terms and the anatomy of Tai Chi.

The Foundations Courses

The roots of the tree, or the foundations of the building, these things are hidden but vital to the things we see above the ground. In much the same way the foundations of Tai Chi and Qigong require focus. These courses take you through every part of the Tai Chi Basics, from breathing to leg use, from Softening to circling. Its all here.

Internal Training

Tai Chi is an Internal Art, the success of the method requires internal training. But this doesn't need to be filled with strange names, weird descriptions and fluffy language. The Nei Gong & Qi Gong courses we present make real changes, in real time, with clarity and clear guidence.

Forms & Routines Courses

Tai Chi simply isn't Tai Chi without the presence of form training. These beautiful and demanding training methods represent the heart of Tai Chi. Here you will be able to learn several forms specially selected for their applicability to modern times but also their depth of content. From shorter routines to longer and more complicated ones, these practices will stay with you for life.

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The Tai Chi Academy + Combat Module

Detailed instruction on the Martial Aart of Tai Chi Chuan. Taking you from extreme basics to advanced principles The Combat Module of the Tai Chi academy is the most comprehensive library of Tai Chi Fighting Available online today

All of the Tai Chi Academy Content

Jibengong, Forms, Nei Gong, Qigong, Pushing Hands, Fighting applications

The complete Tai Chi Academy package includes All of the Tai Chi Academy solo training material and all of the 'Combat Module' material in one easy monthly subscription. Get the complete Picture of Tai Chi today!

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