The Tai Chi Academy

Get access to all solo training courses for one low monthly fee.

This is the perfect option for those wishing to learn Tai Chi for health and Wellness. You will learn the complete solo training side of the art, with detailed instruction to take you from beginner to practitioner in logical and easy to follow steps. Totaling over 30 courses and 300+ hours of content, with ongoing weekly and monthly classes to join in with, this is an amazing value subscription.

Complete Tai Chi Academy

Tai Chi Academy + Combat Module

If you are interested in the Martial Art of Tai Chi, and would like to learn more about how Tai Chi concepts and principles can be trained, then applied with a partner, this is the subscription for you! Here you will get access to all courses and ongoing training classes found in the solo training subscription, plus hundreds more lessons and many new courses specifically devoted to the Martial Art of Tai Chi and partner training!

Get access to all courses for just one low monthly subscription