Complete foundations and practical instruction

From the popular monthly training course.

This course draws material from the monthly training course, where Coach is guiding practitioners from complete beginnings to fundamental understanding. In this course you will find all of the foundational theory, and basics as well as a complete examination of the basics of Pi Quan - the first of the 5 element fists.

Jibengong, San ti & Pi Quan

Develop the Xing Yi body and power

Xing Yi practitioners are famed for their power and unstoppable force. This quality is developed through the dep and focused application of the basics. Often seen as simply, Xing Yi actually contains great depth. In this course you will learn to develop the Xing Yi Shenfa (bodypower) and then focus it through the first of the 5 element fists - Pi Quan or the 'Splitting fist'.

Course curriculum

    1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please read!

    2. Introduction

    3. Fundamental Framework of Xing Yi

    4. Simple outside / Complex Inside

    5. The 5 Elements - Wu Xing

    6. 12 Animals

    1. How to approach training

    2. 3 external Harmonies

    3. 3 Internal Harmonies

    4. Stages of Power

    5. Basics of the 5 element fists

    6. Yi - Intent

    7. Rib Power

    8. Rib power Exercise

    9. Through the back Power

    10. Through the Back

    11. Frequency Power in Xing Yi

    1. Wu Ji

    2. San Ti Shr

    3. San Ti Shr Details

    4. San Ti & 5 Gates

    5. Opening the forms

    6. Flapping Wings Nei Gong

    1. About stepping

    2. Following Step

    3. Full Step

    4. Chicken Step

    1. Basics of Pi Quan

    2. Spine wave in Pi Quan

    3. Spine Wave Practice

    4. Following the Wave

    5. Rise Drill Overturn & Fall Nei Gong

    6. Open & Rise / Close & Fall

    7. Spine wave in Rise, Drill, Overturn, Fall

    8. Yin Yang Palms

    9. Pi Quan Dan Tien Rotation

    10. Lower Dan Tien Rotation Exercise 1

    11. Rotation & Spine Wave

    12. Lower Dan Tien Rotation into the limbs

    1. Pi Quan - Basic Form Instruction

    2. Form Turn

    3. Form Training - with Rib & Back details

    4. Adding Spine Wave to the form

    5. Gathering Form Variation

    6. Full step Pi Form

    7. Smooth Level & Connected

    8. Adding Yi to your Form

    9. Beginning Fa Jing

    10. Adding dan Tien Rotation

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  • 5.5 hours of video content

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Incredible depth

"This is one of the most complete training courses for Xing Yi Quan I have managed to find online. I had studied a little before, but this course really makes everything very clear"