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The Shibashi Qigong

The Shibashi, sometimes known as the 18 Tai Chi Qigong, is a set of movements developed to enhance health, vitality and wellness. These movements are a combination of movements from the Yang Style of Tai Chi and traditional QiGong routines and were developed by Master Lin Hou Sheng. He developed this series of movements to relax and tonify the meridians of the body used in traditional Chinese Medicine so as to improve health and treat a number of different ailments.

Creating Harmony

Linking the body, breath and mind.

The movements encompass a series of opening and closing, rising and falling and circular movements that gently stretch the body and lead us to breath deeply in accordance with the motions. The movements combine the action of the arms, with the legs and the body mass, we move in harmony and develop a sense of ‘wholeness’ to our movement which can be translated into many other areas of our lives. The combination of movement and breath leads our mind to relax and a deep sense of calm can arise.

Body wisdom

Understand your body, breath and mind.

This Qigong set is widely practiced throughout the world and has produced many different variations in the process of spreading into different schools. In the Tai Chi Academy, we use the body methods and movements of the traditional Yang Style of Tai Chi to inform the movements of this set. This means that the practice will not only produce powerful health and wellness benefits, but if you are a Tai Chi practitioner, will inform and develop your own Tai Chi training.

Start your Jouney

Detailed instruction in each technique of the 18 Qigong

Although Shibashi is relatively common in certain branches of Tai Chi, many instructors do not teach it, and so it can sometimes be difficult to find instruction. As such this course is a perfect way to begin to learn this extremely useful Qigong, even if you use it as a start point to seek our further instruction in the future.
Watch Intro Video

Watch a short demonstration

Here you see the 18 movements demonstrated in nature.

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About your instructor

Head Instructor Chris Davis

Chris has been teaching the Martial Arts for over 20 years and has been studying for over 30. He is a decorated combat sports athlete with multiple British Titles. Chris has also been practicing and studying the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan for over 20 years and has had the previlidge of meeting and learning from some of the foremost internal arts masters in the world. Chris' instruction is praised for its clarity and precision and he is sought out by other Martial Arts teachers, athletes and practitioners around the world to present his work.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course

    2. Qigong - Body, Breath & Mind

    3. Whole Body Power

    4. The 70 percent rule

    5. The Just Enough Concept

    6. Breathing & Movement

    7. The Calming of the mind

    8. Enjoying Practice

    9. Structuring your practice

    10. Demonstration of the 18 Movements in Nature

    1. The importance of posture

    2. The Wuji Posture

    3. Creating the Posture for practice.

    4. Setting up the connection to the earth

    5. Setting the legs

    6. Setting the hips and pelvis

    7. Setting up your Torso

    8. Setting up the Arms and Hands

    9. Setting up the Head and the Neck

    1. 01 - Raising and lowering the arms

    2. 02 - Opening the Chest

    3. 03 - Paint the Rainbow

    4. 04 - Parting the Clouds

    5. PRACTICE - Movements 1 - 4

    6. 05 - Rolling the Arms

    7. 06 - Rowing the Boat

    8. 07 - Holding the Ball

    9. 08 - Gazing at the Moon

    10. PRACTICE - Movements 5 - 8

    11. 09 - Pushing the Palms

    12. 10 - Waving Hands in the Clouds

    13. 11 - Scooping the Ocean

    14. 12 - Pushing the Wave

    15. 13 - Dove Flaps its Wings

    16. PRACTICE - Movements 9 - 13

    17. 14 - Punching from a Horse Stance

    18. 15 - Wild Goose Flying

    19. 16 - Turning the Wheel

    20. 17 - Bouncing the Ball

    21. 18 - Balancing the Qi

    22. PRACTICE - Movements 14 - 18

    1. Follow Along Shibashi Practice

    2. Shibashi in Nature

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