What is Xing Yi Quan?

One of the famous 'Big Three' Internal Martial Arts of China

Xing Yi is one of the famous big three internal arts of China, but is perhaps the least known or available. Unlike its highly popular cousin Tai chi, Xing yi is not as well known in the west and has a small but dedicated following. However, Xing yi has a rich and complete history spanning centuries and is actually likely the oldest of the 3 major internal styles. It contains a series of apparently simply movements but contains great depth, in both power generation and the promotion of health.

Progressive training is key

Xing Yi Quan depends of the refinement of "body skill" over time.

Xing Yi uses a defined series of training methods to refine and develop the exponents efficiency, power and health. These methods are direct and cut straight to the heart of the system; from the standing posture known as "San Ti Shr" to the 5 building blocks of the style, known as the 5 element fists, Xing Yi is a clear and progressive system. In order for the simply movements to create great power and skill, one must train them consistently over a long period of time. The monthly training course is designed to build you skill in an intelligent and progressive way, one step at a time and with clear focus.

Can you learn Xing Yi Quan Online?

Developing personal skills from online instruction is a part of the modern world, and we believe that aspects of the Internal Arts can also be learnt through this medium. There are students all over the world benefitting from The TCA training courses and our new Xing Yi Monthly Course is no different. Can the complete system and all the nuances of partner training be accessed through a computer? No. But you are able to develop remarkable body skills with dedicated practice.

Expert instruction in Xing Yi

Your Coach, Chris Davis, has studied and trained in the art of Xing Yi for over 20 years and has been sought out by many experienced Martial Artists for the clarity of his instruction. You can be assured that your skills will improve and you with learn the correct methods in the right sequence with the TCA & Coach Chris.

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